Privacy Policy

Sharjah Police is committed to safeguarding the privacy, and personal information of its Mobile application visitors, and never use the same except with the consent of users. By using Sharjah Police Mobile application, you agree to be bound by the terms, conditions and privacy policy set out herein, and accordingly, Sharjah Police reserves the right, without prior notice, to partially or totally modify such terms and privacy policies at any time.

Installing our Mobile application doesn’t require registration; so, as an unidentified user, you can access our mobile application and browse through its contents and avail of them.

Emailing us; filling up online application forms and sending complaints and feedback

Unless otherwise specified, such personal information as your name, address, email and P.O. Box number which you provide to send us an inquiry, or comment, will be used solely to contact you, answer your inquiry and respond to your request. Your personal information (name, email, etc.), will not be shared with any third party. Under no circumstances, your personal information will be provided to any private or commercial entity.

Access Permissions

For full functionality, the Sharjah Police Mobile app requires different access permissions on your mobile phone. When the Sharjah Police Mobile app accesses the respective function, you will therefore be prompted to activate the access authorization if the access authorization has not yet been granted. The Sharjah Police Mobile app requires the following

  • Library/photo/Storage access: This is required so that you can upload photos or content with other service request.

  • Location access: This is required to enable location-related services, such as SOS.

  • Camera Access: This is needed to create photos.
Push Notification:
  • Notification: Push notifications are messages that pops up on a user’s mobile device in a heads-up manner.

The basis for the processing of your personal data is the existence of your consent. For the processing of your personal data, your consent will therefore be obtained within the scope of access and reference will be made to this Privacy Policy. You can revoke access at any time in the settings of the Sharjah Police Mobile app or your operating system.